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Re: peekie boo and Battat in N Cal

At 07:02 PM 6/20/95 -0400, Cunningham, Betty wrote:
>          This is Betty (Flyinggoat@aol.com) sending mail in from work
>          on our new and very shaky connection to the Internet.  So
>          this is sort of trying this out.
>          I called the 800 number Mark Gould so kindly posted for
>          Battat (my, was the woman that he referred us to confused,
>          I'm not sure she's exactly who we are supposed to talk to,
>          but after I explained why I had her name and number, she
>          helped out a lot)
>          I'll post SOME of the stores she mentioned:
>          San Mateo-Talbot's Toyland (415)342-0126
>          has Stegasaur, T Rex, Dilophosaur, and "the long-necked guy"
>          they start around $4.oo and go up to around $10.oo
>          Aptos-the Wooden Horse (408)356-8823
>          Capitola-Kaleidoscope (408) 475-0210
>          Also mentioned, but I didn't get store names for:
>          Martinez, Santa Rosa, Walnut Creek, and Roseville.
>          Many places in S Cal also mentioned.
>          Betty Cunningham(Flyinggoat@aol.com)

   I, too, tried the number, and got the woman's voice mail.  She has not
called me back.

   You were lucky.  Apparently it's next to impossible to get ahold of these

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