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peekie boo and Battat in N Cal

          This is Betty (Flyinggoat@aol.com) sending mail in from work
          on our new and very shaky connection to the Internet.  So
          this is sort of trying this out.
          I called the 800 number Mark Gould so kindly posted for
          Battat (my, was the woman that he referred us to confused,
          I'm not sure she's exactly who we are supposed to talk to,
          but after I explained why I had her name and number, she
          helped out a lot)

          I'll post SOME of the stores she mentioned:

          San Mateo-Talbot's Toyland (415)342-0126
          has Stegasaur, T Rex, Dilophosaur, and "the long-necked guy"
          they start around $4.oo and go up to around $10.oo

          Aptos-the Wooden Horse (408)356-8823

          Capitola-Kaleidoscope (408) 475-0210

          Also mentioned, but I didn't get store names for:

          Martinez, Santa Rosa, Walnut Creek, and Roseville.
          Many places in S Cal also mentioned.

          Betty Cunningham(Flyinggoat@aol.com)