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Time Space and Matter -2

First allow me to reassure my fellow list members that these questions are
not delving into the areas of quantum physics, nor are we dealing with the
time/space continuum. I took my family to the newly opened exhibit, at the
Museum of Natural History, in NYC this past Sunday, it was interesting but
one thing puzzled me and I figured I ask this forum.
              The large carnivorous dinosaurs, like T-Rex, Tabosaurus,
Daspletosaurus, even spinosaurs were as we know rather large in height and
mass. Now if one of these preadators came across a triceratops, or a
pachyrhinosaurus the size of these creatures alone would be a meal in itself.
Question: How much could a large Carnivor consume, in the course of a day?
Now I know there is really no way to check the daily intake of one of these
creatures, but a best guess will do.
                   Sauropods like Diplodocus and Brontosaurus who seem to
look like there a rather slow moving creature, because of their size, may
have been agile enough to protect themselves Second Question: If a large
preadator like Allosaurus attacked one of these Sauropod dinosaurs other than
their tails how could they protect themselves?
                  Third and final Question: Have there ever been multiple
teeth marks on fossil bones on any creature to indicate that there might have
been more than one type of Carnivor, at the kill at the same time? At a kill
of a large sauropod, like a" brontosaurus", could different species, like
large and small carnivors gotten together like "sharks" at a feeding frenzy?
 ( Sorry for any typos and misspelling) also this is the second time this
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