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More Rumors...

Hello All -

        OK, as long as we're listening to Darren's rumors ;-), here's
another, very tantalizing one!  Jim Kirkland has informed me that, in
research he's doing in the Cedar Mountain Fm. of uUT (Lower K, basal
Cenomanian), with Rich Cifelli and Don Burge, he now has (a)
protoceratopsian teeth, (b) the earliest known tyrannosaur material, and
(c) more of his "Eohadrosaurus" material.  In fact, he finds it very
curious that he's got an essentially terminal-Cretaceous fauna in the basal
Cenomanian!  The trio has a paper on the paleogeography and faunal
distributions of this going into _Science_, I have no idea the publication
date.  He's also trying to get work going with the U of Alaska to travel
across Beringia to Siberia and do some paleo over there to find out where
these beasties came from!

        Wow, protoceratopsians in the early Late Cretaceous of NA...wow!!!

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