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Re: Ratio of Saurischians/Ornithischians

>There have been numerous discussions on predator/prey ratios and how the
>ratio is related to the eco system (predators need lots of prey). Are
>there any estimates (based on fossil finds) of the ratio of saurischian
>dinosaurs to ornithischians? Is that ratio fairly consistent across the
>Late Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous? What reasons might account for a
>greater population of one over the other? At first glance, one might
>assume that since ornithischians were primarily herbivores, they would
>outnumber the saurischians. But saurischians included both herbivores and
>carnivores, so that theory might not be tenable.
>----- Amado Narvaez
>      anarvaez@umd5.umd.edu

I'm not sure that the ratio of members of one clade verses the numbers of
another clade have any significance. I can't see that there could be any
useful result from asking why there are so many species of bird compared to
the number of crocodiles in the world. Their differential success is
independant of their relationship to the other group. Similarly, why would
there be a relationship between the number of saurischians to
ornithischians? Have I missed some subtle point here?

Cheers, Paul


"Nature conceals her mysteries, not by her cunning, but by her essential
                                Albert Einstein