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>Darren -
>        Where in the HECK do you get these rumors?!?!?!????  And where can
>_I_ get in on them?!?!??  8-)
        I agree, where do you hear these things? I would also like to second
the whine ; ) about message volume, the other day I got 3...thats right
three messages. Where is everybody? You can't win, first everyone said there
were too many now there's not enough! 
I'd even be willing to start the cladistics debate again : ) just to have
something to read. But because I don't think the wounds have healed from the
last battle I'll ask this instead...my recent request on live birth was
recieved lukewarmly(?) at best. How about some ideas on related research
possibilities for someone who wants to soon start graduate work? Is there
any eveidence to suggest there is a possibility of viviparity in any dinos
or should I find a different pipe dream to follow? And for your added
pleasure how many toes did pachycephalasaurus have? The Marine World Park
has a model with 5 toes and five fingers. My feeble references show Pachy
with 5 and Stegoceras with 4. Any takers?

    Thanks, Jennifer R. Allen FPW