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Re: Ceratopsian leg position

>From: DAVEH47@delphi.com
 > I've been reading the messages about leg position in ceratopsians
 > and I had thought that the footprints had pointed towards an
 > upright gait.  Can anyone comment on this?

That depends on what you mean by "upright gait".  The prints of
the front foot are *close* to the midline, just not quite as close
as the hind feet. (Also, the front feet point slightly outwards).
The difference is small - no more than half the width of the front
foot is further out than the the hind foot.
[I wish I could draw them here, to show what I mean].

This is NOT the typical lacertiform sprawling gait, but neither is
it a mammalian fully upright gait.

 >  I would also like
 > anyone's opinion on Stephen and Sylvia Czerkas' idea on
 > cereatopsian gait in which the feet are close together (as the
 > footprints imply) but the legs themselves are still splayed out in
 > lizard-fashion (as though the creature was bow-legged!).
Well, if the scapula is placed as some believe, a bow-legged position
is required to get the front feet as far in as they are observed
to have been in footprints.

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