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>Anyway, here's a week and mores worth of rumours etc. - an ostrich was on TV
>last night, Bakker's 'steel ceiling' is wrong (because _Megistotherium_ massed
>800 kg), certain dinosaurologists grow excessive facial hair because they are
>insecure about their mammalhood, the skin on _Nanotyrannus_ is actually from a
>hadrosaur that lay across nano's snout (WHAT?), turbinal bones 1) do exist in
>certain dinosaurs, but are very different from those of mammals (which is what
>Ruben is looking for), 2) are often cartilaginous and (apparently) LEAVE NO
>FOSSIL EVIDENCE, there's a new bunch of hodge-podgy sauropods from the Nemegt
>(few surprises in that one - I CAN'T GIVE IT AWAY), Alvarezsaurids are
>definitely birds (that one's out and about now, don't blame ME Tracy!), I'm
>selling my 'scaly protobirds no thanks' T-shirt (next DCC convention, scheduled
>for Red Lion Square but venue now changed - awaiting further info.),
>_Iberomesornis_ climbed trees like a woodpecker (WHAT WHAT??), tyrannosaurs had
>bright red feet (???*@@~##*??) and..... at dinner yesterday, I finally found
>that white cartilaginous washer on the back of the metatarsal of the chicken I
>was eating (so what IS it called?). Oh, and instead of saying 'I'm cooking
>dinosaur', we opted for; 'Care for some gallinaceous avialian theropod?'. (It
>WAS 'gallinaceous neoavain availian theropod', but I think that Anseriformes +
>Galliformes are outside of the Neoaves.... hmmmm). Ah yes, and ALLOSAURUS...

Darren -

        Where in the HECK do you get these rumors?!?!?!????  And where can
_I_ get in on them?!?!??  8-)

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