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Where is everybody? What is going on? Looks like things are winding down for
summer vacations.... after not looking at my e-mail for ONE WEEK (long time for
me), I was disappointed to find  only 37 messages, none more recent than those
from 13th june (today's the 19th!). Argh!

Well things are real quite here (dinosaurologically). I've been working
furiously on my archaic cetaceans, and haven't heard any student utterences on
any archosaurs really. Everyone's kinda busy with exams and stuff (I've only got
one more). Well at last my pliosaur post got through... now I just have to wait
for someone to answer it! And could someone do the same for the _Avimimus_
stuff? Please? 

Anyway, here's a week and mores worth of rumours etc. - an ostrich was on TV
last night, Bakker's 'steel ceiling' is wrong (because _Megistotherium_ massed
800 kg), certain dinosaurologists grow excessive facial hair because they are
insecure about their mammalhood, the skin on _Nanotyrannus_ is actually from a 
hadrosaur that lay across nano's snout (WHAT?), turbinal bones 1) do exist in
certain dinosaurs, but are very different from those of mammals (which is what
Ruben is looking for), 2) are often cartilaginous and (apparently) LEAVE NO
FOSSIL EVIDENCE, there's a new bunch of hodge-podgy sauropods from the Nemegt
(few surprises in that one - I CAN'T GIVE IT AWAY), Alvarezsaurids are
definitely birds (that one's out and about now, don't blame ME Tracy!), I'm
selling my 'scaly protobirds no thanks' T-shirt (next DCC convention, scheduled
for Red Lion Square but venue now changed - awaiting further info.),
_Iberomesornis_ climbed trees like a woodpecker (WHAT WHAT??), tyrannosaurs had
bright red feet (???*@@~##*??) and..... at dinner yesterday, I finally found
that white cartilaginous washer on the back of the metatarsal of the chicken I
was eating (so what IS it called?). Oh, and instead of saying 'I'm cooking
dinosaur', we opted for; 'Care for some gallinaceous avialian theropod?'. (It
WAS 'gallinaceous neoavain availian theropod', but I think that Anseriformes +
Galliformes are outside of the Neoaves.... hmmmm). Ah yes, and ALLOSAURUS...

Weis, Dod & Osmol. does lists Allosaurus fragilis and A. tendagurensis, but not
A. atrox. (Or is it, it lists A. atrox but not A. fragilis?). Why not? It's a
good species ASAIK... And (other than Bakker et al in Hunteria and a certain
Omni article on Bakker from years back), what does the community think of
_Epanterias_? Should it be awarded generic status? Does anyone other than Bob
consider _Creosaurus_ distinct from _Allosaurus_? Isn't Creosaurus A. atrox? In
fact, Bob keeps changing his mind on this species...  arghhh!

Hey... we ARE a community folks. See ya'll...

'Science commits suicide when it adopts a creed' - T.H. Huxley
'We don't wanna play with YOU - we can't fly..' - THE DINO-BABIES (who are,
incidentally, reconstituted archosaurian versions of the Rug Rats....)

DARREN "thylacine" NAISH