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Re: In defense of the mail list

> Well said Sabrina.  I too like the option of a mail list.  Again, if it 
> gets too much, you can get it in digest form.
> My server only keeps the last 10 days of news groups and then there's 
> gone.  The mail stays, in case you're away for a couple of weeks on 
> business, vacation, or whatever.
> Maybe it can be set up as a dual feed (E-Mail and UseNet)?  I'm not that 
> familiar with the administrative options available on the Net.

Evidently this is possible, and I therefore support starting a Usenet
group; I consider Usenet newsreaders (especially threaded ones) somewhat
easier to use than elm.
As to being away 10 days and having all the messages - well, in the
beginning this was manageable, but now, with 40 or so messages per

The only thing worth considering is whether people want messages on the
newsgroup to be echoed here. I wager you do not; that would almost certainly
mean an influx of some creation/evolution stuff, as well as an invasion
by a fellow called Ted Holden (don't ask).

> Robert Margulski of Lakewood, NJ
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