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Digs and doin's - & Non-dino dodo

Can we get postings from those participating in, or organizing, dinosaur digs
this summer? In these postings can we get dates, places, species, etc.? Then
can we get a follow-up report this fall, or whenever?

In less than 4 weeks my wife and I will be joining Russ Jacobson and Co. in
NW South Dakota, Black Horse Butte area, exhuming a Hadrosaur from the upper
Hell Creek formation.

Did anyone consider the question about pellet corprolites? "Two way" muscle
scars in neck fossils to bring a pellet back up?

Can we get off the platypuses, milk, fur, eggs, jaws and related non-dino
discussion? I'm sick of it. Take it off-list if you must chase ideas like
puppies after their own tails. I'm sure you can find some obscure reason to
justify using the list to defend or refute whatever point that's trying to be
made, but I be damned if I can figure it out. Maybe one must be a beard
wearing PHD, or just exhausted of real dino data. At any rate let's hear more
about creatures from before the K-T event, and less about something we can
see on the Discovery Channel. (like Bakker's beard). :-) Dove Milk? Come on
folks we can do better than that!

Cladistics (sp?) is interesting and serves a good function, but should there
be 2500 postings a month on the subject?  :-)  If so why can't you-all use
private means and spare us non-grant funded types the headache of sorting
through all that mail? Or is it possible that off-list communicators have
conspired to post so much junk of non-dinosauria classification to push some
to unsubscribe?( we have lost a few lately haven't we?   :-(   ). If VP is
trying to become more "mainstream" the past months postings to the list show
exactly why it's having trouble. (Unless discusssion on works of fiction, ie
JP, now hold more fascination than fact and is thus "mainstream").

Let's get to the meat ( ;-) ) of VP and answer some real questions, like how
many neck vertabrate does an Allosaur have? How many ribs does a stegasaur
have and do they relate to those plates in any way? Are there any specimens
of velociraptor with a broken sickle claw, that occured while alive? What's
you favorite food for field work? How long does it usually take to go from a
recovered specimen to published paper? Has anyone considered posting their
papers in this forum, in a condensed form? What's the biggest challenge
facing VP today? Why can't some of us limit ourselves to one posting a day?
Does the mere act of asking these questions, and taking a stand, offend so
deeply that replies are beneath you?

Sorry this is so long.



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