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Re: Duckbills

>I am very confused on the difference between the names Duckbill >and
Hadrosaur the names are the pertain to the same animals yet >we have more
than one word for it?? Shouldn't we be teaching the >public the correct name
or names of dinos. I was talking to a >friend once about hadrosaurs and I had
to say duckbilled dinosaur >before he knew what I was talking about. Could
this >'misknowledge' be more widespread than we think. Why on 
>Paleoworld do they also refer to hadrosaurs as aka duckbilled >dino.? What
can we do inform the public without putting them >down? 

     Hmmm....Do you say "dog", or "Canis Familiaris"?  If you are responding
to a neighbor who complains about what your pet left on their yard, it's a
dog.  When discribing a fossil, it's Canis Familiaris.  Big deal.  It's not
misknowledge, it's merely a common name for a group.
    I'm not up in arms about common nomenclature slipping into the language.
 We know what they are talking about, no matter what.

Betty Cunningham(Flyinggoat@aol.com)