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Two Brains???

Two of my third graders have a question for someone to answer...

Dear paleontologist,
        Bryan and I looked in my book.  It said that it seemed that the 
Brachiosaurus had two brains: one in hes head to help move his head and front
legs,and the other in his tail to move his heavy read end.  Is this true?
The book is called Dinosaurs.  The text is by Mary Packard.  THe pictures
are by Christopher Santoro.  The publisher is Simon and Schuster, Inc., NY
The copyright is 1981, and the ISBN # is 0-671-43040-8.  Thank you for
helping me.  If this is true, could you send me information on this?  I 
have to write a report.
Bobbie Green

Thank you for helping my students.
Sarah Dallas
Oliver Beach Elementary School
12912 Cunninghill Cove Road
Baltimore, MD  21220