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Re: epicontinental seas

On Mon, 13 Mar 1995, Bonnie Blackwell, x 3332 wrote:

> actually there are one ro two epicontinental seas:
> hudson's bay in norther canada
> north sea, near europe.
> b
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Yes, but Hudson Bay and North Sea are very small compared to 
many epicontinental seas.  Also, these areas probably 
were covered when epicontinental seas were more expansive--so the total 
effect included these areas plus much more.  Compared to most of the 
Phanerozoic the Present is an unusual time for epicontinental seas.  
        Also both Hudson Bay and the North Sea are in relatively high 
latitudes.   This post comes from Wisconsin where I would be getting my 
feet wet if this were the Silurian.

Peter Sheehan