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digital dinos

There has been a lot of discussion of Larry Smith's idea of using highly
defined digilitation imaging technology to form a data base of dino physical
evidence.  Also this could be used to make "casts" of parts or whole
individuals to be used for deucation and display.

Betty Cunningham (I believe and I apologize if I'm wrong) suggested that the
technology would be too expensive and she pointed out some of the extent of
such a project. I agree with what she said with respect to current
technology but I deal in future techology and where we should be going in
various areas.  We really are closer to the realization of such a project
than perhaps is recognized.  For example, Thinking Machines connectioin
machine (generation 3) is just the type of parallell processing technology
that would be required.  Today even private individuals can get time on the
earlier versions and the processing time is not really that high.  The use
of at least 21 inch display (costing about $2000) certainly would be required.

Perhaps, it might be worth while to develop a grant request to investigate
the use of high digitlal technology to develop this kind of data base.  I
know that the major national laboratories (Livermore, Los Alamos, Scandia)
sort of in this order are looking for partnerships in this kind of
development in using cold war technology for peace time use.  They all have
(in the order I listed them) huge computer capabilities that would be ideal
for this purpose. I have perrsonally seen what they can do.  Perhaps someone
could get something like this started.

paul w. sparks  Psparks@cerfnet.com
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