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Although this isn't strictly dino stuff I just had to pass this along.  I
will never again just disregard a flackey idea as nature is always more
inventive than any thing that we could come up with.  In this month's
issure of Discovery magizine (april p 14) there is a report of an animal
that just sez it all.Taking it from our side of the business, what would one
(homo something-arather a few millions years from now) make of a mole-like
fossil. found in the antarctic region which had apparently been highly
glaciated.  The fossil was unusual in the large incisor teeth and a think
bone area in its forhead?  What sort of mammal would have been living under
those conditions?

One would never ever hit upon the truth as discovered by Aprile Pazzo a
wildlife biologist who was studing penquins.  These things *pack* and melt
the snow and ice with their highly vascular head (with a 110T metabolism)
under a penquin faster than he can get away and then they eat the penquin
(except fot the beak, feet and feathers). Whe calls these things "hot headed
naked ice borers". Amagin boring through the ice with a high temperature
head.  They live in the ice and seem to eat only penquins.

Bring me on a dino that is that bizzar.
paul w. sparks  Psparks@cerfnet.com
"over the heather the wet wind blows
I've lice in my tunic and a cold in my nose."