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Re: Dr. Quinn & Paleontologists

Mary Ann Turner (not surprisingly, from the Yale-Peabody Museum :-) wrote:
>Actually, it was Cope who had the head on the wrong end of the plesiosaur.

>Mary Ann Turner
>Yale-Peabody Museum

   The story goes that, after Cope's publication came out, Marsh gleefully
publicized the fact that the plesiosaur's head was on the wrong end.  Cope
was embarrassed by this exposure, and conducted a buy-up of most of the
copies of his paper, and then re-published a corrected version of the
  Marsh purchased a few copies of the old version of the paper, and stored
them away.  The old version of the publication is now in the archives of a
few museums in the U.S. 

  At least that is the story as Louis Psihyos relates it.