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Dr. Quinn & Paleontologist

        Well this was pretty hokey as expected. My five and ten year old
think it is ok. I believe that they are the intended audience. It seems
the program tried to do a spin  based on the competition between Marsh
and Cope although their names were not used. There was a definite anti
science message and portrayed the professional fossil hunter as an
unscrupulous person that was only interested in fame and would go to
any length to raise money for his endeavors including  selling the
skeletons of Cheyenne Indians. Not exactly a positive portrayal. Too bad!
        Has there ever been an attempt to bring the competition between
Marsh and Cope to the silver screen? Having read several books on their
rivalry, it seems all the story elements Hollywood thrives on are in  this 
story. You have the background of the old west, real  adventure & discovery.
Intense rivalry, one scientist from a background of privilege while the
other was self made. Maybe even a made for TV special would be in order. It
really wouldn't be that difficult to do a reasonably accurate  presentation
of the Marsh/Cope rivalry. Hollywood could even spice it up with some
romance, barroom brawls, cavalry chases and a shootout  or two and still keep
fairly close to the story. Well, maybe after OJ there will be a need to fill
the void with something different. 
So long,
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