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Re: technical dino question

        I believe the text you're seeking is _Dynamics of Dinosaurs and
Other Extinct Giants_, by R. McNeill Alexander (New York: Columbia
University Press. 1989. viii + 167 pages. ISBN 0-231-06666-X). 

        Alexander covers pertinent information regarding relationships
between bone circumferences and body masses in Chapter 2, "Weighing
Dinosaurs," pages 16 - 26. I used this text as a basis for a "Dinosaur
Dynamics" class I gave to a group of students particiapting in a local
"Odyssey of the Mind" project, last year. 

Other recent books that may be of interest include:

Alexander, R. Neill, 1994, _Bones: The Unity of Form and Function_. New 
        York: Macmillan. 224 pages. ISBN 0-02-583675-7.

McGowan, Christopher, 1991, _Dinosaurs, Sptifires, and Sea Dragons_. 
        Cambridge: Harvard University Press. xii + 365 pages. ISBN

McGowan, Chris[topher], 1994, _Diatoms to Dinosaurs: The Size and Scale 
        of Living Things_. Washington, D.C.: Island Press / Shearwater
        Books. xiv + 288 pages. ISBN 1-55963-304-2.