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Re: Gastralia

Dr. Carpenter wrote:

> They may be a uniting character for the saurischia (Theropoda + 
> Sauropoda).  O.C. Marsh (1896) was the first to point them out (and 
> illustrate them) in sauropods.  Later, Holland reported them from 
> Dinosaur National Monument.  Naturally, von Huene illustrated them for 
> prosauropods, as has Cooper, etc.  They apparently donot occur in 
> ornithischia.
> Oh, by the way.  Our newly remounted Diplodocus has them (9 pairs) based 
> on a newly described sauropod from Wyoming.
One question I've been asking myself for some time. Apart from the
functional aspects of gastralia, what are the current hypotheses
regarding their (phylogenetic and developmental) origin? Are gastralia
present in other fossil or extant non-archosaurian amniotes?

Michel Chartier