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Re: Quetzalcoatlus

>I just read a small article in Time magasine from 1975. There was this
>palaentology student named Douglas Lawson that found a Pterosauria in 
>Texas which he found some distance away from any ocean. The wingspan was
>about 16,7 m and if my memory serves me correctly the only pterosaurs
>around that time were with a wingspan of about 7,5 m (although now I 
>have heard about 10-11 m). The amusing thing was that the structure of
>this creature was very similar to a jet, namely McDonnel Douglas F-15A.
>I presume this is/was a new group? Have there been found any more such
>Any corrections or answers would be appreciated

   Here are two newer references on a Quetzalcoatlus found in lake sediments
by Horner in Montana:

       Padian, K. and Smith, M. 1992.  New light on Late Cretaceous
          Pterosaur material from Montana: Journal of Vertebrate
          Paleontology, 12 (1), pp. 87-92.

      Padian, K. 1984. A large pterodactyloid pterosaur from the Two
          Medicine Formation (Campanian) of Montana: Journal of Vertebrate
          Paleontology, 4, pp. 516-524.