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more new refs (II)


Bosque, Carlos & M.T. Bosque. 1995. Nest predation as a selective factor in
    the evolution of developmental rates in altricial birds. American
    Naturalist   145(2):234-260.

What? Am I nuts. Really - this is very interesting and has implications for
our dinosaurian friends. They try and test the idea that birds develop
relatively faster than lots o other beasts because of predation pressures
on eggs, especially in altricial birds. Gathers some impressive evidence,
some from islands without the predators, supporting it. If similar very
fast development rates can be reasonably inferred for dinos may show they
also may have had such high pressures - which would be interesting and

Bardet, N., Wellnhofer & D. Herm. 1994. Discovery of Ichthyosaur remains
    (Reptilia) in the Upper Cenomanian of Bavaria. Mitt. Bayer. Staatslg.
    Palaeont. Hist. Geol. (whew!) 34:213-220.

Platypterygius sp. fro the first time from that time and space, semi-
scrappy material.

Ahlberg, P.E. 1995. Elginerpeton pancheni and the earliest tetrapod clade.
    Nature 373:420-5. with comments by Robert Carroll pp. 389-90.

Notes on a new reaaaaaaaaaaallllllly early tetrapod from Scotland. Neat
stuff about a tetrapod that looks upon Ichthyostega as a real advanced
tetrapod. We're talking right near the beginning folks.

McGowan, G. * S.E. Evans. 1995. Albanerpetontid amphibians from the
    Cretaceous of Spain. Nature 373:143-5.

More neat stuff from the same area as the early birds like Mesornis
and the many-teethed ornithomimid come from. Neat enigmatic salamander-
like primitive amphib of that line, which is very rare everywhere,
everytime. Neat.

TTFN   Ralph Chapman, NMNH