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new ref, w/ corrected spelling of dino name

Just received my copy of a new paper by Clark, Perle, and Norell.  It
concerns the therizinosaurid (aka segnosaur) Erlicosaurus.  (And, although
they don't dwell on the subject, the name is correctly spelled with a "c",
not "Erlikosaurus", the more commonly-encountered form).

Clark, J.M., Perle A., and M.A. Norell.  1994.  The skull of Erlicosaurus
andrewsi, a Late Cretaceous "Segnosaur" (Theropoda: Therizinosauroidea)
from Mongolia.  American Museum Novitates 3115: 1-39.

Erlicosaurus is known only from a skull, but it is one of the
best-preserved nonavian theropod skulls known.  They do not discuss
theropod phylogeny in much detail, deferring that for a later paper, but
they do conclude that the skull of Erlicosaurus shows it to be a theropod,
probably maniraptoran, and not either a very derived ornithischian- or
sauropodomorph-sister group.

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