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Organization: California Division of Mines and Geology
BO>Tillett raises some very important points in his posting.  I know one museum
BO>where all the collections are visible to the public.  In the Univ. of Britis
BO>Columbia Anthrop Museum all the artefacts are housed in glass covered drawer
BO>with labels.  While this means you can't actually handle the artefacts as

Bonnie -
It has been some years since I visited the UBC Anthropology museum, but
I still remember the thrill at being able to get so close to the
specimens, even though they were behind glass or plastic. Also many of
the specimens were displayed in ways that allowed nearly 360 degree
vision.  The other valuable thing I noted was the numerous printed
catalogs available throughout the museum which often contained quite a
bit of additional info other than the name and locality info.

It's a museum I would recommend to anyone who gets near Vancouver.

To keep this on topic, there is also a geology/mineralogy museum on
campus as well.  I don't recall if there are any dino exhibits, though.

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