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Re: live birth

>From: "Klemm - Pamela S." <psklemm@umd5.umd.edu>
 > I am a rank beginner teaching first grade science but I was excited to 
 > discover when I did a reptile unit that croc's do not leave their young 
 > but stay around to help out and guard the nest.  Assuming the source was 
 > right (I think it was a Time Life book) I would like to offer this as a 
 > possible correlation into the life of dino's. Is this a reasonable 
 > assumptionm?
It is true for at least some species of croc's.

As to dinosaurs, they were an amazingly diverse lot, and it is
unlikely that they all had the same style of parenting.  There
is fairly good evidence favor parental care after hatching in
hadrosaurs (in particular, Maiasaura).  On the other hand there
is at least suggestive evidence that some groups of dinosaurs
layed their eggs and abandoned them.

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