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what is a J.P. Velociraptor

If the Utahraptor-sized frog-DNA-bearing Velociraptors of J.P. are
allowed to stay in the same genus, they might be called something
like V. jurassicoparkensis or V. jurassicovivariensis,
or (from their imitating frogs) V. ranomimus or V. ranunculus.

If we need a new genus, and if we want to use the word "island,"
then the name should be formed from "insulanus" (islander) rather
than "insulatus" (made into an island, insulated), so perhaps
Insulanoraptor.  Didn't the island have a name that meant "cloudy"?
"Cloudy" = "nubilus" --> Nubiloraptor?  The island is off the coast
of Costa Rica; there are several Latin words meaning "rich" but perhaps
"opulentus" would be a good one to use:  Opulentoraptor.  
Other possible names for the species would be "anthropophagus" (from
their desire to eat people) or "voracior" ("having a rather insatiable

        George Pesely