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Re: Large French Eggs

>Chris Illes wrote  - A recent post mentioned some large >French eggs were
believed to be a
>Can anyone tell me how big these are? Are they the largest >fossil dinosaur
>eggs found?

I'm not sure if the type named Megaloolithidae are the largest or not. The
"Hypselosaurus" egg  we have on display is about eight and a half inches wide
and five inches tall. It has a reddish matrix about it.
Typing the egg is impossible without finding an embryo inside, something that
has never been done with this type egg. I think we learned from the
"Protoceratops" egg incident that merely because an egg and a certain species
is sympatric, doesn't mean that species must have laid that egg!
It would be nice to know for sure. :-)

Bill Barbour
Natural Science Center of Greensboro