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Re: live birth(social solutons?)

> But what I have problems with, regarding the sauropods, and even 
> allowing that they may have laid the largest eggs that we currently 
> know about, is the sheer practical problems of being a sauropod 
> parent and NOT squishing your offspring that you have just expended 
> so much genetic energy producing.  Their eyesight would need to be 
> exceptionally good, given the size of the newly-hatched, to avoid 
> this as a very real problem. [Anybody got anything re endocasts of 
> sauropod optic lobes?]  

Why eyesight?  Couldn't they just carefully pick their way around by touch?
Or keep their distance from the nest?  Or as Stan said, they might have had
no parental care (I'm not sure if this makes a difference to the likely 
numbers and position of juveniles in herds).  Or if you like creative ideas, 
maybe the babies clung on or lived in pouches.  Or maybe they produced lots 
of offspring and just ate the ones they accidentally squished.