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Re: dino questions

On Wed, 8 Mar 1995, Stan Friesen wrote:

>  > Swimming dinosaurs: there were pictures of a wading/swimming sauropod
>  > in the published proceedings of a conference on fossilized footprints. 
>  > Someone had found a set of tracks that appeared to be of a sauropod,
>  > and they petered out into mere toe-scrapes.   
> I am aware of this trackway, and I almost mentioned it, but there
> has been some doubt cast on the interpretation.  It has been
> suggested that these are what are called "undertracks", that is
> the impressions left in the deeper layers of sediment by a foot-
> print that was really made much later, and on a later surface.
> Such impressed prints are often reduced in depth and distinctness,
> much like one would expect from prints made underwater by a half-
> floating individual.
>  > 

Interesting. I had always wondered about this trackway. Is there anything 
published regarding this reinterpretation?


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