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Re: dino questions

Protoceratops as a ceratopsian: in addition to the answer posted
earlier, mentioning all the skeletal resemblances--many of the skulls
have big bumps on the nose, some of which are close to being what we
would call horns.  P.Dodson (sorry if I spelled that wrong) theorizes
that the adult-size skulls lacking these bumps are female, and the
ones with the bumps are male.  I don't know whether anything has been
published yet on the material showing nasal horncore.

Swimming dinosaurs: there were pictures of a wading/swimming sauropod
in the published proceedings of a conference on fossilized footprints. 
Someone had found a set of tracks that appeared to be of a sauropod,
and they petered out into mere toe-scrapes.  There may have been other
swimming dinos too, I can't remember.

And as for scientific accuracy in toys, etc.: considering how few
"facts" are agreed upon by the specialists, how contentious many
issues seem to be, and how drastically some of the agreed-upon "facts"
are revised every few years, it might be a very frustrating and
embarrassing job to be on that committee!  (And the two kids I know
best don't care whether a dino toy is "right" or not, they just want it
bigger and brighter-coloured, and more of them.  Doesn't correspond to
any known species?  Fine, we'll make up a name for it, just add it to
that herd over there.)