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Re: No fossil evidence for live birth

See: _Dinosaur Eggs and Babies_, edited by Kenneth Carpenter, Karl F. 
Hirsch, and John R. Horner (Cambridge University Press, 1994. xiv + 372

In Chapter 16 (pages 256-264), Brooks B. Britt and Bruce G. Naylor report
on "An embryonic _Camarasaurus_ (Dinosauria, Sauropoda) from the Upper
Jurassic Morrison Formation (Dry Mesa Quarry, Colorado)." They point out
(page 262) that the specimen they describe "is significant as the first
evidence for the existence of sauropods small enough to fit within an

In the chapter that follows (17, pages 265-278), Carpenter and John
McIntosh review records of "Upper Jurassic sauropod babies from the
Morrison Formation." They cautiously state (page 277) " . . . we do not as
yet have any proof that sauropods laid eggs, despite the discovery of
numerous eggs attributed to them . . ."