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You mean the fourth "Age of Reptiles" came out---and I MISSED IT?!!  
Curses!  Yes, Martin, I agree, it was very well done (and the 
colorist was particularly inventive)---its a real joy to see how far 
dinosaurs in comics have come since 'Devil Dinosaur'.

Incidentally, any of you out there interested in dinosaur 'sequential 
graphic art'[:-x] might be interested in the title 'Gon' (I hope I 
spelled that right...) by a Japanese artist - recently collected 
together in a very thick paperback-sized book.  Kind of hard to 
describe - a baby carnosaur hatched [without any explanation] in to a 
modern animal world setting- art on a par with Delgado - beautiful 
wildlife drawings, with a dinosaur somewhat reminiscent of Cerebus 
the Aardvark (don't ask...).  Worth going into a comic/ bookshop and 
flicking through (yes, it really IS that quick to read-because 
there's no words).

Hunterian Museum
University of Glasgow