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Re: Dino fiction

I don't think anybody has mentioned Steve Bissette's comic book "TYRANT"
this thread...

"Tyrant" is Bissette's self-published "life story" of a T.rex. He's planning
it to run quite a few issues and go into great detail into the main character's
life (by issue #2 he hasn't even hatched yet).

Bissette is very open to suggestions about his depiction -- though he is trying
to establish a workable balance between art and science. The comic also
includes columns of dinosaur news and dinos in film, comics etc.

Issue #3 is due out soon. If you can endure a visit to a local comic shop
you might want to check it out. I can provide Bissette's address though he
says he'd really prefer people to buy the book at shops.

Samuel "Dr.Allosaurus" Crider
beneath the world