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Re: Dinosaur Questions (last) - Freisen

Stan Freisen wrote:

> > 
> > Did Ankylosaurus' armor help keep it cool?
>This is very unlikely, as it took the form of closely placed plates.
>Such an arrangement is more likely to insulate the ankylosaur rather
>than help to cool it.

Functionally it MIGHT have cooled the animals because the armor is well 
vascularized and produces a large surface area on the body.  Cooling 
might have been necessary for the Mongolian ankylosaurs known to have 
inhabited the sand dunes (e.g. Pinacosaurus from the Djadokhta 
Formation).  Cooling was probably not important for North American 

> > Does the velociraptor have different sizes of teeth?
>I think so.

>Also, *some* theropods have teeth of different sizes in different
>places on the jaws.  This *may* be true of Velociraptor, but I
>am not sure.

Yes, it is true.  The teeth get smaller towards the rear of the jaws.

> > 
> > How big would a baby Diplodocus be?
>Nobody knows for sure, but probably about the size of a smallish
>dog (say about 3 feet or so), or at least that is my guess based
>on egg sizes.

There are no eggs that have been confirmed as being sauropod.  The large 
French eggs have been suggested as being sauropod only because the are 
large and the largest dinosaur is the sauropod Hypselosaurus