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Re: Dino fiction

I've been trying to remember a book that I had read a couple of years ago, 
that sort of falls under the topic "Dino Fiction" - although the dino aspect 
is a smallish part of the total.  I finally relocated the book... here goes.

It's a very enjoyable, if somewhat dated, exploration of time travel called 
_Mastodonia_ by Clifford D. Simak, a Del Ray (Ballantine) book copyright 
1978, and most likely no longer in print.  As I recall, the dinosaur(s) that 
appear in the course of the story are not addressed in sufficient detail to 
be labeled "traditional" or "modern," but the story as a whole is typically 
engaging and well-considered; I'd expect no less from Simak.  All in all, a 
fun read, except for those who can't stand time travel stories!  :)

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