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Re: Tyrannosaurus skull

Dear Dr. Falniowski,
     Other list members may have messaged you privately instead of on
the <dinosaur> mailing list.  My interests are those of an amateur; I
can only offer one commercial source:
     624 South ''B'' Street
     Tustin, California  92680

     On page 21 of the SKULLDUGGERY catalog -
     QUOTE  T. Rex and Triceratops Skulls
     These intricate dino-sculptures were created by our resident
     paleo-artist, Larry Williams. Mr. Williams' superior sculpting
     ability and dinosaur expertise have been combined to recreate
     these pieces of natural and historical significance. Each piece
     was extensively researched and shows all of the intricate
     markings and detail of an original. The *Tyrannosaurus rex*
     skull measures 10" in length, ... $129.00 (Freight $7.00)

     I realize this is not a full size copy; however, perhaps this model
would serve as a ''hands'on'' part of your exhibit.
Terry W. Colvin <colvint@cc.ims.disa.mil>1811MST/0111GMT(Zulu)/1&2Feb95.