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[75451.163@COMPUSERVE.COM: Dinosaur Park Field Program]

The following was distributed via vrtpaleo, but I suspect there will
be some interest on this list.  For further information, please
contact Betsy Nicholls (phone # and addresses below) because I don't
know any more about it than what's included here:

  Date:         Mon, 6 Mar 1995 23:01:47 EST
  From: "Elizabeth L. Nicholls" <75451.163@COMPUSERVE.COM>
  Subject:      Dinosaur Park Field Program
  To: Multiple recipients of list VRTPALEO <VRTPALEO@VM.USC.EDU>

          The Royal Tyrrell Museum, Drumheller, Alberta, Canada is
  offering a public participation program called Field Experience '95
  this summer in Dinosaur Provincial Park. Anyone over 18 can apply to
  work alongside scientists Phil Currie, Don Brinkman and Dave Eberth
  as they study the origin and composition of ceratopsian bonebeds,
  differences in the microfossil assemblages and the controls on
  depositional processes.  Dinosaur Provincial Park is one of the
  worlds richest dinosaur "graveyards" having produced more than 300
  dinosaurs and tens of thousands of other fossils representing more
  than 100 taxa of Cretaceous animals.  This is a great program for
  people who have always wanted to experience paleoecological field
  work first hand!

          For the price of $600 (canadian) per week, the Tyrrell
  Museum will provide room and board in their field camp at Dinosaur
  Provincial Park. No prior experience is necessary. Program runs June
  through August.
          For further information or an application form, contact Dave
  Eberth at
                  Royal Tyrrell Museum
                          Box 7500
                  Drumheller, Alberta, Canada
                          T0J 0Y0

                  Phone: (403) 823-7707
                  Fax  (403)  823-7131

          OR  E-Mail  Betsy Nicholls  75451.163@compuserve.com