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Re: children education

Our label for the Brontosaurus (Apatosaurus) skeleton does leave something 
to be desired.  A more comprehensive one has been in the works for some 
time.  However ...

the skeleton on display at Yale is THE Brontosaurus, the specimen for 
which O. C. Marsh created the name Brontosaurus.  Although the name has now 
been synonymized with the older name, Apatosaurus, it is not incorrect to 
refer to that particular specimen as Brontosaurus. 

The holotype of Apatosaurus ajax, the specimen for which Marsh created the 
name Apatosaurus, is also in the collections of the Peabody Museum.

Mary Ann Turner
Vertebrate Paleontology
Yale Peabody Museum

On Fri, 3 Mar 1995 20:46:55 -0500, 
Ian Newman  <ian@mc.com> wrote:

>Here are my 7 year old son's experiences with dinosaur education.
>1.) He corrects the teachers during class as they are misinformed.
>2.) When he returns a dinosaur related book to the library, he points
>    out mistakes in some of the pictures to the librarian.
>3.) He noticed the Apatosaurus was misnamed Brontosaurus at the
>    Peabody Museum of Yale University.
>No wonder why the general public is so off base when it comes to
>Ian (dino dad) Newman