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Re: Common names for dinosaur...

>On Mon, 6 Mar 1995 Flyinggoat@aol.com wrote:
>> >"Big Ed" = Edmarkia rex
>> >"surrey dinosaur" = Baryonyx walkeria
>> >"Sue", "Stan", "Scotty", "Black Beauty" = Tyrannosaurus rex
>> >"Archie" = Archaeopteryx lithographica
>>      (isn't this just a species tag?)

The "Surrey Dinosaur" is also known as "Claws"
and if you are including re-creations the Crystal Palace Iguanodons are 
known as "Rock"(The one on all fours) and "Paw" (the one with  a raised 
front foot)these names were (as far as I know) first used in a childrens 
story called "Dinosaurs don't die" by a local writer who's name I'm afraid I 
can't remember.