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Re: Common names for dinosaur...

>"Big Ed" = Edmarkia rex
>"surrey dinosaur" = Baryonyx walkeria
>"Sue", "Stan", "Scotty", "Black Beauty" = Tyrannosaurus rex
>"Archie" = Archaeopteryx lithographica
     (isn't this just a species tag?)

-Add BHI's T Rex, "Duffy", named after their lawyer
-"Raymond" the Triceratops, in private hands
-"Uncle Beazley", the bronze triceratops on the green at the   Smithsonian,
AND the best part of the childrens' book The Enormous Egg (if you want to
count recreations)

and "Lucy" for certain other fossils that aren't so old.

Betty Cunningham(Flyinggoat@aol.com)