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Re: Dino fiction


>I notice you're all skipping children's books. What about Dinotopia?  I think
>James Gurney did an outstanding job in representing dinosaurs for kids, AND I
>know of very few adult dino addicts that don't have a copy stashed away

I have Dinotopia, and I enjoyed it, but I have very mixed feelings
about it.  I found the book to be an intensely political allegory,
and I object to politics hewn to appeal to children.  It gifted
dinosaurs with an intelligence and culture entirely inappropriate
to their nature - and the attempts to fit large carnivours into
this carefully-crafted pastoral vegetarian world are clumsy to the
point that what little disbelief I'd managed to suspend at that
point fell in shards.  I like the artwork.  But the story was the
absolute pits, fashioned only to sell a thinly-veiled socialism to
children using dinosaurs to dress it up.  Picture the Teenage
Mutant Ninja Turtles wearing swastikas or Barney singing "white is
good, white is we, we're all one white family..."  No.  That's the
last dinosaur book _my_ kids will see.

Larry Smith