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Dinosaur Questions

Here are some questions from a second grade class that has been studying
dinosaurs very seriously:

Was the spinosaurus's sail used for protection or battles?
When the sail was straight, what was it doing?

Did the bactrosurus have a sail on its back?

What were the insects of late Jurassic period?

Could Deinonychus swim?
Was Deinonychus warm-blooded?

Did triceratops use its mouth the tear down trees?

Was dimetrodon's sail used to attract mates or to appear fierce?

Was pterodactylus an omnivore?
Did pterodactylus have a pouch to store food??

Was tyrannosaurus rex a scavenger?

Did parasaurolophus really have 2,000 teeth?

We would really appreciate any answers that you can give us.

Thank you very much.