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I wanted to add another item to this list that I think is outstanding but
more important it is something in this genre that can be enjoyed by younger
kids. I first thought about it a week ago when someone mentioned dinosaurs
in Calvin & Hobbs but I think it fits more into the dino fiction category.

I'm speaking of a comic book series titled "Age of Reptiles"  by Ricardo
Delgado. It was reviewd by Science Fiction Age. They said, " As we look
over the images in this comic book, it starts to sink in just how success-
fully the artist has brought "the age of reptiles" to life. Delgado's
craftmanship and love for his subject have clearly paid off, capturing on
the the printed page the pure stuff of our fascination with dinosaurs.

There are four books in the series. The story  centers around two  warring
tribes of dinosaurs struggling for domination of a valley in Cretaceous
America. A  rogue Tyrannosaurus's raid on a Deinonychus pack's kill ignites
a tooth and claw struggle to survive. There is no script to the series. My
six year old son asks at least once a week to look at one of the books with
me. He really enjoys the opportunity to explain to me what is happening in
each panel as we turn the pages of carnivores hunting in the forests and
savannahs. There are numerous encounters between hunters and the hunted. There
is one scene with an ankylosaur using its  clubbed tail to thwart an attack.
There was a recent thread discussing this I seem to recall.

The series was published in 1992 by Dark Horse Comics. I still see issues
available on occasion in comic stores. I think it contains some of the best
illustrations of dinosaurs in action I've ever seen. It is obvious that
Delgado did a great deal of research in trying to depict dinosaurs as they
may have really interacted and competed.

Is there anyone else familiar with the series and what is your opinion of 
the artwork and other aspects of the series?  

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