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Re: RE: paleo. documentaries

"If the NOVA series are so good, and I think that most are 
excellent, then they should be able to stand on their own merit.
That means that the shows that are being put on with errors in them will be
have more attention paid to them in the development stages and less "Let's
hurry and get on the air to beat ??? program".  This will make the program
better and more accurate AND let it stand on its own."

As a longtime journalist who has worked for a number of different TV
stations,  chiefly in Canada,  I have a lot of uneasiness about government
funding of media:  politics often end up influencing content.  However,  if
Tom Ragonese is under the delusion that privately funded TV operates under
less competitive time pressure than public TV,  he really should get into a
studio and see for himself.  The one great advantage of working for a
publicly funded network,  in my experience,  was having much more time to
develop stories and do background research.  With the CBC we actually got a
whole week sometimes to do a four-part special--whereas,  at CTV you'd maybe
get two days.  --Merritt Clifton,  editor,  ANIMAL PEOPLE.