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Re: Ray Triceratops, Arm-chairs & whatever

Martin is talking about exactly what I need.  An outreach program with 
the molds and educational resources that could be "checked out".  The 
National Zoo in Washington has such a program.  We went for a 1/2 day 
seminar to explain how the system operated and then I, as a participating 
teacher, was eligible to check out the different kits, Invertebrates, 
Reptiles, Birds, Backyard Naturalist, Suitcase for Survival (this is one 
that is composed of different things confiscated by customs).  These kits 
are great.  It keeps me from having to collect the material myself, which 
I would gladly do, but it also saves me from the problem of storage on 
the off times when it's not in use.  I can see it now, something with 6 
or 8 different dino molds(my preference would be molds of different 
dinosaur teeth but I'm open to suggestions; a half dozen dinosaur projects( 
hand puppets, a descent coloring book with different dinos (no cave people),
a skeleton to assemble, a "flip book" to assemble, etc.)  some late 
prototype pictures and maybe a short tape VHS please.  How about it?  
This should be doable....The Smithsonian should be able to sponsor it.  
COrrect me if I'm wrong Martin, but aren't they the parent organization 
of the Zoo?