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RE: paleo. documentaries

I may be late on this but here goes anyway.

I think Mr. Newt is right!  I don't see why the producers of shows should 
be given my money.  And YES folks it is my money we are talking about.  
PBS is not on my list of charities and I resent some bureaucrat giving 
them my money.  If the NOVA series are so good, and I think that most are 
excellent, then they should be able to stand on their own merit.

That means that the shows that are being put on with errors in them will 
be have mmore attention paid to them in the development stages and less 
"Let's hurry and get on the air to beat ??? program".  This will make the 
program better and more accurate AND let it stand on its own.

Talk later,

Tom Ragonese ---> tjragone@vela.acs.oakland.edu  or  ac688@leo.nmc.edu

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