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Re: Educators and Stuff

Ralph and everyone else, I sort of "lurk" on this newsgroup because thanks 
to a very good 
teacher I have always loved dinosaurs and paleo things.  I teach first 
grade science and would like to know if you have a source for molds that 
I could purchase that replicate a dinosaur tooth, print, etc.  I have 
four misc. that I purchased from a company out west and they include a 
trilobite, dino claw, shark tooth and crinoid.  I cast them in plaster of 
paris and the kids love them, but I would like to be able to replicate 
the teeth so we could compare them with other teeth.  The same goes for a 
small footprint. (If this has been covered I am sorry for a repeat).  If 
you know of source please email me.
Pam Klemm