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Dino fiction

It's been a long time since I read these books, and they're probably
completely outdated by now, but I do recall enjoying Harry Harrison's "West
of Eden" series ("West of Eden," "Winter in Eden," "Return to Eden"), which
detailed a what-if situation in which a small population of dinosaurs
survived extinction and evolved into humanoids much like that _Troodon_
model from a few years back. At this point my memory goes fuzzy on me, but I
recall a war between the dino population and some paleolithic humans in
which the dinos employed biotechnology, breeding living weapons and
heat-generating "cloaks". It's all very unrealistic and unscientific, of
course, but it was fun to read. There was a follow-up short story in
"The Ultimate Dinosaur" (the science-fiction/essay version, since two works
of the same title were published within a year of one another) which
concluded the epic (and probably confused a lot of people who hadn't read
the trilogy).


(I'll be heading to London in a few weeks; I'm looking forward to visiting
the museum for the first time!)

Dan Lipkowitz