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Re: Dino fiction

>On a kind-of-related note, does anyone know who wrote a short
>story called (I think...) "A Distant Sound of Thunder", about
>a company that gave tours into the past? In the story, one of the
>patrons on a tour steps off the prescribed path, and when the tour
>returns, the culture is ever-so-slightly different. When the
>traveller examines his shoe, he fins that he stepped on a moth...
>I read it a _long_ time ago in an English calss, and have always
>wished I had a copy, but I don't know the author's name.

The title is "The Sound of Thunder", by Ray Bradbury.  It's in many
Bradbury anthologies or other collections of SF stories.  It was apparently
filmed for the cable show "Ray Bradbury Theatre", but I haven't seen that
particular episode yet.

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