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Re: Casts of good and unique specimens for public display/purchase

Hi all,
        I am a scrimshaw buff and cannot afford much of the real thing. I 
have purchased several carved sperm whale teeth so real that I have been 
told that they are not casts-they are real. I wonder if one of the two 
firms making these are still in business and if so would they make 
similar quality T-rex skulls, etc. The mix of plastic and powdered 
alabaster? is so good even the Mystic Museum people had to test it with 
UV before saying what it was. They do pan bones of cetaceans that whalers 
        The two firms are Juratone in England, and Artek somewhere. Maybe 
we could find and check them for techniques or better, get them to do 
some test runs on some smaller skulls to see quality. Any interest?

Ray McAllister, Prof (Emeritus) Ocean Eng., FAU, Boca Raton, FL 33064
Diving Dinosaur, Geologist/Oceanographer/Ocean Engineer, 43 years SCUBA
mcallist@gate.net (305) 426-0808, Author Diving Locations, Boynton/Dania